Athlete: Helen Fegan

Federation: CAPO

Weight class: 75kg

Category: Open Raw Women


Current best lifts in competition:

·         Squat: 130kg

·         Deadlift: 165kg

·         Bench: 75kg

(Just coz I wasn't too impressed with these numbers, I included my best gym lifts- SQ 145kg, B 80kg, DL 175kg)


What is your athletic or sporting background?

As a kid I was very active (it seems like such a cliché to say that), but if I wasn't playing Aussie rules with the boys, or riding bikes with my dad I was in the pool swimming my little heart out. Of course as a teenager the lazy hormone kicked in and I was much happier sitting in various places or power sleeping. When I started uni I got into soccer pretty heavily, but as I am fairly loud, vocal and aggressive, the position of goal-keeper seemed ideally suited to me. Unfortunately this didn't lead to much running or conditioning, so it seemed my sedentary lifestyle was doomed to continue. It wasn't really until I reached 100kg that I woke up and thought “Hang on. What are you even doing?” After that I kind of got serious about my health and made some pretty dramatic life changes. Joined a gym, mucked around with nutrition, started doing pump classes, smashing the cardio etc.


How did you get into powerlifting?

This is sort of a continuation of the last question, so more back story required…

After uni I was stuck in a fairly low-income job, so I didn’t really have the option of a PT. Everything I did at the gym was based on personal research (thank you Internet?) and friendly advice. At the end of 2012 I decided that I was sick of not earning any money and decided it would be a good idea to move to Sydney and be a train driver. My deal with myself was that once I started earning X amount of dollars (and had a certain amount saved in my bank account) was that I would treat myself with a PT. I definitely felt that I had reached the peak of what I could accomplish based on “popular fitness blogs”. So in August of 2013 (when I had been learning to drive trains for a few months) some friends on mine got me in touch with Jim Tulun (now Bondi Strength Co. Jimmy

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