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The WPC have decided to divide the equipped records into:
1.Single ply
2. Multi ply records
All WPC affiliates must comply with this.

The committee has not taken this decision lightly and have explored every viable option. Finding a solution that is fair to our lifters, acknowledges our history, and abides by the WPC rules has not been an easy process. ...There is no option that will please everyone and we have done our best in finding a solution that both abides by the rules and is fairest for the majority of people involved.

Other WPC affiliates have made their current equipped records multi ply and had the addition of single ply records. This is the simplest solution as no equipment checks were undertaken on a consistent basis. But we do not believe this would be a reasonable solution to our lifters given that even though equipment checks were not always performed, we know the majority of our records were done in single ply.

Looking back at our records and the progression of equipment, it is well known that single ply back in the day is nowhere near the standard of the single ply you will find today. This is an issue that should have been addressed by the world powerlifting bodies when it had become evident the equipment had started to evolve. It wasn’t, and now we find ourselves in this predicament.

Initially, it seemed the easiest way forward was to freeze the current equipped records and start again with separate single ply and multi ply records. But whilst it is important to preserve our history, it is equally important to see its progress and have records grow and continue to be broken. Many lifters are inspired by breaking records, and CAPO wants to continue to encourage that inspiration in lifters, which would not be possible if records were frozen.

Prior to 2003 the only equipment available was single ply. From the introduction of multi ply equipment in 2003 is where we begin to see a blur between single ply and multi ply in our records. To label all records set from 2003 to 2014 as multi ply, based on the rule that there were no equipment checks is not ideal and unfair to many of our lifters. However it is essential that we maintain the integrity of our records to the best of our ability given the circumstances.

In the interests of not freezing any CAPO equipped records and in fairness to the majority of lifters concerned, the existing equipped records will be divided into single ply and multi ply based on the following:

All equipped records set prior to 31 December 2002 will be classified as single ply.

All equipped records set from 1 January 2003 to 13 June 2014 will have to be classified as multi ply. This is because no equipped checks were undertaken during this time.

HOWEVER – all lifters who set equipped records from 1 January 2003 to 13 June 2014 who would like to come forward and claim their lifts were done in single ply may do so. The committee are putting this offer forward in good faith and in the best interests of the lifters affected by this new ruling. This will be based on an honour system and the understanding that all members of CAPO acknowledge the importance of the integrity of our records and our history.

From 14 June 2014 all equipped lifters need to specify whether they will be lifting in single ply or multi ply gear. Single ply lifters will have compulsory full gear checks at weigh in. Failure to comply with single ply rules or present your equipment automatically places the lifter in the multi ply division.

CAPO single ply equipment regulations: Squat suits and deadlift suits will consist of single ply polyester not to extend beyond 4” from the top groin. The use of briefs is not permitted. Bench shirts will consist of single ply polyester and must be closed back. Velcro is not permitted on the bench shirt, squat suit or deadlift suit. Wrist wraps, knee wraps and belt are allowed.

Equipped lifters will still compete as one division unless otherwise specified (as per the WPC rule book).

At this year’s nationals, equipped lifters will be able to break WPC/AWPC world records in the single ply or multi ply division, as well as national records in the single ply or multi ply division. The national records will be updated by 30 June 2014.





Qualifying for the ARNOLD CLASSIC Australia 2015

With all the excitement and interest being shown towards CAPO Powerlifting Australia holding an event at the 2015 Arnold Classic in Melbourne Australia, it has been decided by the CAPO Powerlifting Australia Committee that to have a “fair and reasonable” approach to qualifying for this event that the following will be implemented -

• A ranking structure for all Lifting Categories pertaining to 3 Lift Competitions and Bench Only Competitions.

Based upon-

All invitees MUST be a financial member of CAPO Powerlifting Australia for the 2014 and 2015 calendar years.

Invitee successfully competing in a CAPO Powerlifting Australia Sanctioned Event in the 2014 calendar year in the relevant 3 or single lift competition as per their invitation. i.e. you cannot qualify for a single lift with the results from a 3 lift competition or vice versa.

Category requirements will be in line with WPC/GPA guidelines -

Acknowledging that “stage time” at the event is critical the CAPO Powerlifting Australia Committee have had to restrict the amount of competitors to approximately 100 therefore only the top competitors from each category will be invited.

Any subsequent invitation/s will be at the discretion of the committee.

Ranking updates will be announced throughout the year.

A complete list of qualified entrants will be announced on December 1.





CAPO will be running a National Raw & Equipped Powerlifting and Bench Press event run over three full days at the Arnold Sports Festival "Melbourne" next year in March.

Which Powerlifters are looking forward to Arnold himself visiting the CAPO Powerlifting area!?!?!

Next week we will release the qualifying requirements


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1) There is now a start command on the Bench Press - when the arms are fully extended and the elbows are locked, the head referee will give the "START" command.


2) All single lift competitions at World's - Bench only, Deadlift only, Push & Pull will begin at the end of the Championships after the main three lift Powerlifting events.


3) GPA now recognizes WR's for RAW & RAW+


4) At the GPA World Championships 2014 "Sydney" - we will trial RAW and RAW+ medal divisions.

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